aboriginal rock art

There is so much to experience when you visit the Kimberley area nd you’ll love relaxing on the pristine beaches, swimming under majestic waterfalls and exploring the rugged terrain. Along with its obvious beauty, one of the most fascinating aspects of the region is its history and the ancient Aboriginal rock art of the area draws people back time and time again. Today, we’ll be looking in more depth at the Wandjina rock art that you’ll discover in the Kimberley.

Unique Wandjina rock art

The ancient Wandjina rock art was drawn over 3,000 years ago by the Aboriginal people of the Kimberley region and it depicts the spirits of creation from Aboriginal mythology. The Wandjina are thought to have created the land, the law and the people and, even after they disappeared, were thought to continue to control everything. These sprits have been drawn as mouthless with large black eyes and white faces. The main theory around the lack of mouth is that these spirits had no need for speech due to their unlimited knowledge and power. Around their heads, you can see lines or blocks of colour which are thought to represent lightning. The stories of the Wandjina are an important part of the Aboriginal culture and history of region and the rock art sights hold particular significance.
The Wandjina rock paintings are thought to possess the power of the Wandjina which is why each site is treated with the utmost respect. Annual repainting occurs at some of the sites each year in December or January by the elders of the Mowanjum Community to ensure that the presence of the Wandjina continues.

Where to see Wandjina rock art

Despite many sites being difficult to access due to their locations under rock overhangs, there are plenty of opportunities for you to view Wandjina rock art on your Kimberley holiday. Just some of the locations where Wandjina rock art is featured include Mitchell Falls, the King Edward River, Eagle Rock, Donkey Creek and Galvin’s Gorge. If you’re interested in the Aboriginal rock art of the area, it’s best to explore the region with an experienced guide who will be able to show you sites which are less well known and more difficult to access. Remember to pack your camera – the stunning rock art is something you’ll want to look back on in years to come.
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