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Optional scenic helicopter flights

Optional helicopter flights an be undertaken at various key scenic locations along the Kimberley coastline. Flights can be arranged during the cruise whilst on board Ocean Dream. Spectacular locations include King George Falls, Mitchell Falls and the Talbot Bay area which covers Horizontal Falls and Montgomery Reef. Heli fishing is also an option. Costs can vary depending on size of craft and number of passengers. Payment is made directly to the third party.

For those guests on the 8 Day Northern Kimberley Dream Cruise and the 8 Day Southern Kimberley Dream Cruise there is a scenic helicopter flight component included. Depending on direction of travel, guests are transferred between Mitchell Plateau airstrip and the Hunter River, over the scenic Mitchell Falls and onto Ocean Dream’s very own helideck.

Fast Boat Rides at Horizontal Falls

Experience the natural phenomena of the world famous Horizontal Falls located in beautiful Talbot Bay. Formed as a result of seawater building up on one side of the gorges faster than it can flow through, it is a unique landmark that needs to be experienced. Fast boats are taken through the falls with speed and precision, making for a thrilling ride. Tours can be arranged during the cruise whilst on board Ocean Dream.

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Helicopter & Fast Boat Rides
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