Threadfin Fish Dehydrated Salted On Bamboo Basket.

With beautiful, pristine beaches, stunning landscape and secluded waterways, you can’t beat the Kimberley when it comes to fishing. Not only is it a beautiful part of the world to spend a few lazy hours with the fishing gear, there are also some pretty impressive catches to be made and one of the most sought after prizes when visiting the Kimberley area is the Threadfin Salmon.
Whether you’re a keen angler or want to give it a try for the first time on your Kimberley fishing holidays, we’re here to give you more information about the prized Threadfin Salmon.

Threadfin Salmon facts

Threadfin Salmon are a bit of an odd-looking fish with their googly eyes and long whiskers which they use to detect prey. However, their looks don’t get in the way of them being a delicious tasting fish which, along with the iconic Barramundi, makes it a sought after catch for recreational fishers. In fact, a lot of people think that the Threadfin Salmon tastes even better than a barra! Threadfin Salmon can grow to well over a metre in length and tend to hang around in salt water estuary systems, where they like to hide around more protected areas such as mangroves, rocks, deep holes and channels.

Landing a Threadfin Salmon

Threadfin Salmon have a reputation for fighting hard once hooked so you’re always left with a feeling of immense satisfaction when you actually land one! Rising and low tide is the best time to fish for Threadfin Salmon and when it comes to bait, they tend to prefer live or freshly cut mullet. Make sure your rod is robust enough to pull in a heavy fish – some Threadfin Salmon grow up to 15kg but you’ll probably be looking at more the 4-6kg mark. Take a variety of lures with you to experiment with which ones work best and also to have backup when the salmon swallow your lures, which they have a habit of doing.
Bag and size limits apply with Threadfin Salmon to ensure that fishing in the Kimberley region remains sustainable so make sure you get acquainted with the rules. It’s best to get a local perspective if you want more information about catching a Threadfin Salmon and you’ll get plenty of advice when you head off on your West Kimberley fishing charter or cruise.

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