You’re about to head off for your long-awaited cruise around the Kimberley when you suddenly realise you haven’t packed yet. So where do you start? Packing for a holiday can often be a lot of guesswork which results in seriously over-estimating how much you need to bring, especially if you’ve never been to your destination before. If you’re unsure what to pack for your cruise, don’t worry. We have extensive experience providing luxury cruises in Australia and we’re here to share our top packing tips to make your preparation as easy as possible. ocean dream charter boat vessel charter

Pack light

The great thing about a cruise around the Kimberley is that you can pack light. The weather is semi-tropical which means that it’s beautiful and warm year-round so leave the winter woollies at home. Choose light, comfortable clothing (shorts and t shirts are a great option) and you’ll need around four to five outfits – most cruise vessels will come complete with laundry facilities for easy washing. Although the weather is warm, pack a light sweater or cardigan in case the nights are cooler. Most cruises will ask that you bring along one soft luggage bag only which will limit your urge to overpack.

Cater for activities

Part of the fun of your cruise is that you have the option of trying out various activities to experience what the Kimberley has to offer so you need to pack a few things with this in mind. Although shoes are usually optional when you’re onboard your cruise vessel, you do need to pack appropriate footwear including reef sandals or other shoes which you don’t mind getting wet and shoes suitable for day excursions and hikes. Remember to pack at least one long sleeved shirt and a wide brimmed hat to protect yourself from the Kimberley sun when you’re out and about exploring.

Additional items

Aside from clothing and other basics, there are some additional items you may want to consider adding to your bag. A camera is highly recommended so you can capture the spectacular views and rugged landscape – don’t forget extra batteries and memory cards. Binoculars can also come in handy for close up views of wildlife and you might also like to bring along an iPod or other device so you have access to music while you relax onboard your cruise. A small backpack is useful for day trips so you can transport your water bottle, sunscreen and other items easily. If you’re looking for Kimberley cruises, Ocean Dream Charters offer a range of scheduled cruises around the Kimberley area. Our price includes all meals, non-alcoholic drinks, day expeditions and activities which means you don’t need to worry about numerous additional expenses along the way. You’ll be able to truly relax and enjoy the Kimberley in style aboard our luxury vessel while our experienced crew shows you the sights. Whether you’re looking for a Kimberley cruise for small groups or for a scheduled cruise, contact Ocean Dream Charters today on 1300 944 727.

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