The Kimberley is known for many things – spectacular landscape, long stretches of pristine beaches, ancient landmarks and, of course, fishing. If you’re interested in fishing, you’ve come to the right place when you embark on Kimberley boat tours. The Kimberley offers some of best fishing in the world with some of the most prized specimens including Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, Blue Salmon, Golden Snapper and Mangrove Jack.
To make sure you’re prepared ahead of time, we’re sharing our tops fishing tips for the Kimberley.
Kimberley Fishing Tours

Try to hook a Barramundi

Out of the all the species in the Kimberley, most fishing enthusiasts dream of catching a decent sized barramundi. These beauties can get up to 1.8 metres in length so get ready to get the camera out if you hook one! Barramundi tend to congregate around estuaries, creek mouths and rockbars and the best time to get the line out is half tide out to half tide in. The good thing about Barramundi is that they’re not picky about the bait you choose.

Take on a mud crab

Although not as spectacular a catch as a Barramundi, mud crabs are well worth the effort thanks to the amount of meat on offer in their massive claws. Mud crabs are mostly found around estuaries and tidal mangroves so drop some crab pots and see what happens. Remember, handle with care – mud crabs have some serious claws. Also, be mindful of the environment so don’t try hooking crabs directly out of the mud unless you’re with an experienced guide.

Tackle a Threadfin Salmon

They may not be quite as big as a Barramundi but Threadfin Salmon come pretty close in size and are an excellent eating fish. Expect them to put up quite a fight once they’re hooked so it’s an achievement if you reel one in. Threadfin Salmon can be found in estuaries and off beaches near river mouths and if you’re choosing your bait, they prefer live prawns and mullet.

Stay safe from crocs

Where there are fish, there may also be crocodiles. Don’t forget that you’re fishing in the Kimberley which is home to many crocs but if you follow a few simple rules they’ll won’t bother you. Stay a few metres back from the water when fishing and keep your eyes out for any crocodiles. Avoid cleaning fish at the water’s edge and, although this should go without saying, don’t attempt to feed any curious crocs. Don’t worry, the crew on your boat tour will keep an eye out for you!
At Ocean Dream Charters, we provide boat cruises throughout the Kimberley aboard our luxury 80 foot vessel. With us, you can experience one of the last wildernesses on earth as we explore white beaches, spectacular waterfalls and ancient Aboriginal rock art. If you’re keen to fish, we come full equipped with excellent fishing gear so all you need to do is choose your line once you’re on board.
For information about our range of tours in the Kimberley, contact Ocean Dream Charters today on 1300 944 727.

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