The Kimberly offers one of the most beautiful and rugged landscapes in the world and there’s a reason why people return to the area time and time again. If you’re planning an upcoming cruise in the Kimberley region, prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime! To get you in the mood for your Kimberley discovery cruises, we’re here to share some facts about the Kimberley area.

1. Size of the region

It’s difficult for visitors to get a sense of the sheer size of the Kimberley area until they can see it for themselves. It’s roughly 422,000 square kilometres which is three times the size of England.

2. Population of the area

Despite its size, the Kimberley is home to only 40,000 people which means fewer people per kilometre than any other place on the planet. The population continues to increase each year and swells during the dry season.

3. Weather patterns

Instead of the standard four seasons which many people are used to, the Kimberley has two distinct seasons. The wet season runs from November to April and is characterised by monsoonal rains. The dry season runs from May to October and is the most popular time for visitors to the region.

4. Geography

One of the incredible things about the Kimberley is the varied geography on offer with rugged mountain ranges, pristine coastline, majestic waterfalls and rivers, deep gorges and sandstone cliffs.

5. Wildlife

The Kimberley has incredible diversity when it comes to animal life, from kangaroos and wallabies to dingoes and crocodiles. There are also over 300 species of birds found in the Kimberley area and the coastline acts as a nursery for migratory humpback whales.

6. History of settlement

Evidence suggests that the Kimberley area was one of the earliest places in Australia to be settled around 50,000 to 60,000 years ago when people ventured here from Indonesia. This early settlement is evident in ancient rock art throughout the region.

7. Industry

The key industries in the Kimberley are mining, retail, construction, pearling, pastoral and irrigated agriculture, with mining being the main contributor to the Kimberley economy.

8. Coastline

The coastline of the Kimberley stretches for 2,000 kilometres and is home to a vast array of plant and animal life. The coastline is dotted with hundreds of islands which offer the perfect opportunity for exploration.

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