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The Kimberley is a truly ancient landscape and if you love delving into the past, you’ll soak up the fascinating history of the Kimberley area. The Kimberley boasts some of the most sought after historical attractions in Australia and the destination needs to be on every history buff’s bucket list. If you’re about to embark on Kimberley cruises and have an interest in history, we’re here to share our favourite historical sights of the region.

1. The ‘Mermaid’ boab tree

Boab (aka Baobab tree)Located in beautiful Careening Bay is the ‘Mermaid’ boab tree which is a must for anyone interested in history. Phillip Parker King is one of the most significant historical figures of the Kimberley area due to his efforts in surveying the coastline and after two successful trips aboard the HMC Mermaid, during the third trip in 1820 the vessel started taking on water due to iron nails rusting away and it was purposely beached at Careening Bay for repairs. The repairs to the Mermaid were successful but before they departed, the ship’s carpenter carved the words “HMC Mermaid 1820” into a nearby boab tree. Incredibly, these words are still visible almost 200 years later.

2. The DC3 plane wreck

The DC3 Plane WreckIt’s hard to imagine now but during WWII, the Japanese were a serious threat to the north of Australia and as a result allied aircrafts were commonplace. In 1942, an American Douglas C-53 (DC3) was making its way from Perth to Broome when the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in Vansittart Bay after becoming disoriented due to bad weather. Amazingly, the pilot and two crew members survived the landing and were lucky enough to be rescued three days later. The DC3 remains in its original crash site and despite being exposed to harsh conditions, remains in surprisingly good condition and gives visitors valuable insight into the past.

3. Aboriginal rock art

The Aboriginal Rock ArtArguably one of the most fascinating historical features of the Kimberley is the incredible array of ancient Aboriginal rock art which is prevalent in the region. The region contains what is considered some of the oldest examples of rock art in the world with some estimates dating some of the drawings back 50,000 to 60,000 years. These sites continue to hold cultural significant for the traditional landowners of the Kimberley and draw visitors to the area time and time again. There are two distinct styles of ancient rock art in the area – Gwion Gwion (Bradshaw) rock art and Wandjina rock art – and both give a fascinating insight into the cultural practices and lives of the ancient inhabitants of the Kimberley.
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