On your Kimberley tours, you can expect to encounter a vast array of fascinating animal life. Along with the commonly found residents, such as the imposing saltwater crocodile and shy wallabies, the Kimberley is also home to a number of threatened species who live in the vast and sparsely populated region. Today, we’ll be taking closer look at some of the rare and endangered animals who live in the Kimberley.
Gouldian finch

Gouldian finch

The Gouldian finch is as rare as it is beautiful. These small birds feature brightly coloured plumage of green, purple and yellow which makes them one of the most striking birds in the Kimberley. Once a common sight across Australia, the numbers have dropped over the past 50 years but the population has thankfully increased over the past few years and they are scattered in the eastern Kimberley, parts of the Northern Territory and northern Queensland.

Northern quoll

The northern quoll is a carnivorous marsupial which grows to the size of a small cat and has distinctive white spots and a long, furry tail. It can be found in the Kimberley area but the population has been decreasing, largely due to the cane toads and feral animals. This beautiful creature feeds on insects, frogs, small mammals and fruit and can live across a range of habitats.
Northern Quoll

Night parrot

One of the most elusive birds of the Kimberley is the night parrot. In fact, it’s so rare that there were no confirmed sightings between 1912 and 1979 and there were fears that it had become extinct. The night parrot is small and short tailed with yellowish green colour and mottled spots of black and brown. A nocturnal bird, it lives most of it’s life on the ground and has a distinctive croaking call. Since 1979, sightings of the night parrot have been extremely rare and little is known about the current population.
Night Parrot


The bilby is a critically endangered marsupial which was once found across 70% of Australia but is now limited to small, scattered populations, including within the Kimberley region. With distinctive long ears and pointy nose, the bilby builds extensive underground tunnel systems to escape predators and the heat. They use their long tongue to lick up seeds and insects, as well as feeding on fruit and fungi.
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