Anyone who has experienced a luxury Kimberley cruise has generally spent much of the trip clutching a camera in an attempt to capture the breathtaking scenery. Although anyone will come away with amazing photos (you’re never short on beauty in the Kimberley!), the region is a true paradise if you have a particular interest in photography. If you’re a keen photographer, we’re here to share why the Kimberley is the perfect destination for your next holiday.

The magic hours

If you’re interested in photography, you’ll likely be snapping away all day on your Kimberley trip. However, you’ll get some truly spectacular photos during dawn and dusk – the magic hours – in the Kimberley. Something about the Kimberley during these times give breathtaking, otherworldly results with your photos and the results will be something to treasure. The sun can be extreme in the Kimberley but the light at dawn and dusk is softer and gives the landscape a beautiful glow.

A variety of animal subjects

Wildlife photography is always so much fun because you get to capture the vibrant colours and personalities of your subjects. Well, we’re pleased to tell you that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to capturing wildlife in the Kimberley. From multicoloured parrots and shy wallabies to ancient crocodiles and elusive lizards, with your camera in hand you’re able to capture everything nature has to offer with the diverse range of animal life on display in the Kimberley.

Incredible landscapes and ancient rock art

In the Kimberley, you’re surrounded by amazing scenery which is like no other place on earth. Your photos will come to life thanks to the towering gorges, twisted trees, pristine waterfalls and rugged rock formations of the region. Thanks to the ever-changing light, no two photos are ever the same. You’ll also be given a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture some of the ancient Aboriginal rock art in the region which is some of the oldest in the world.

Organise a private charter

For a truly personalised experience where you can focus on capturing the beauty of the Kimberley with your trusty camera, a private charter is the perfect option. Whether you’re an experienced photographer and want to add to your portfolio or you’ve recently taken on photography as a hobby, a private charter means you can get together with like-minded friends and set out to some of the most picturesque locations in the Kimberley to put that camera to work!
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