The Kimberley is a truly amazing place to visit with spectacular sights and incredible history. The Kimberley is one of the world’s most precious wilderness regions and is home to amazing wildlife, breathtaking canyons and beautiful freshwater swimming holes. When it comes to taking in the unsurpassed sights of the Kimberley, there are many reasons why a cruise is the way to go.
Kimberley Cruises

Relax in style

Let’s face it, sometimes holidays can be less than glamourous when you’re traipsing from one location to the next in an attempt to see as much as you can. Choosing a cruise option means that you get the best of both worlds – the ability to see the sights without having to sacrifice comfort. When it comes to Kimberley cruising, it’s all about relaxation and luxury. While you take in the rugged landscape, you can sit back and relax aboard the vessel with world class entertainment and delicious food.

Visit difficult to reach areas

Part of the appeal of the Kimberley is the untamed nature of the wilderness. However, this also means that there are many areas which are difficult – or impossible – to get by road or foot. When you choose a Kimberley coast cruise, you can experience the unique sights of the coastline up close and personal as you take advantage of the best views on offer. Rather than miss out on some of the best parts of the Kimberley, experience of all the spectacular sights the wilderness has to offer.

No planning required

The vast area that makes up the Kimberley means that planning a trip yourself can be difficult – you need to account for the distances between landmarks as well as decide which the best sights to visit are. Once you’ve organised food, excursions and transport, you’re exhausted before you even leave. With a cruise, everything is taken care of so you can just sit back and take in the scenery. Meals and entertainment are at your disposal and the carefully planned itinerary of a cruise means that you’ll be enjoying the highlights of the Kimberley.

Add something special to your trip

When you choose to cruise around the Kimberley, there are included activities which make the trip even more special. From carefully planned excursions to secluded swimming holes and waterfalls to walking through tropical rainforests and seeing Aboriginal cave art, the attention to detail when you join a cruise will make this a once in a lifetime experience. You may also have the opportunity to experience the beautiful scenery by air thanks to a breathtaking helicopter ride. The care and thought which is put into activities on your cruise means that you’re not just sitting back and watching from afar – you’re truly able to experience what the Kimberley has to offer.
Let us organise the experience of a lifetime aboard one of our vessels. If you’re ready to jump on board for your Kimberley cruise, contact Ocean Dream Charters today on 1300 944 727.

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