Until you’ve visited the area yourself it’s difficult imagine the beauty and vast size of the Kimberley coastline. With breathtaking sights unique to the Kimberley it can be hard to decide where to begin when it comes to sightseeing. Even if you’ve been to the area many times, there’s always more to discover. We’re here to share what makes the Kimberley coast one of last untouched wildernesses in Australia. Kimberley itineraries

A vast and thriving marine environment

When you embark on Kimberley tours, one of the most striking aspects of the area is nearly 13,000kms of pristine coastline with an extensive collection of islands, shoals and reefs. Unlike many other parts of Australia, the Kimberley coastline is largely untouched which means you can truly experience everything nature has to offer from freshwater swimming holes and miles of sandy beaches to uninhabited islands with abundant wildlife.

A diverse array of wildlife

There are numerous habitats which appear along with coastline including seagrass forests, mangroves, reefs and mudflats offering incredible diversity for marine life. The Kimberley coast offers a haven for the numerous species of whales with the entire area acting as an important breeding ground. You are also likely to get a good look at saltwater crocodiles, turtles, numerous birds and native marsupials who also call the coastline home.

Experience Cape Leveque

Known for its sandstone cliffs and pristine beaches, Cape Leveque is the ultimate destination if you want to experience the rugged landscape of the Kimberley while also enjoying beachside relaxation. Take the time to explore the red cliffs before relaxing with a swim in the turquoise waters. If you’re feeling a little more active, you can also have a go at some snorkelling. If you’re travelling to the area by vehicle, keep in mind that the roads are unsealed and you’ll need a sturdy four wheel drive,

Visit the Buccaneer Archipelago

During Kimberley adventure tours, you will be able to experience first-hand the spectacular scenery the area has to offer. One of the most sought after destinations when touring the coastline is the Buccaneer Archipelago which is a collection of nearly 1,000 islands set amongst crystal clear water. In this isolated part of the Kimberley , you will visit breathtaking cliffs, see traces of ancient Aboriginal rock art and relax on secluded beaches. Located within the Buccaneer Archipelago is Talbot Bay which is home to the stunning Horizontal Falls, named due to the water passing gushing horizontally through two narrow gorges. For Kimberley tours Australia, look no further than Ocean Dream Charters. We offer a choice of cruises where you can enjoy the Kimberley coastline, as well as other spectacular sights, from the space and comfort of our luxury vessel. Our itineraries can also be varied for the purposes of a private charter. To discover how we can turn your trip to the Kimberley into the adventure of a lifetime, contact Ocean Dream Charters today on 1300 944 727.

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