It’s hard to get an idea of the immense size and stunning beauty of the Kimberley region unless you see it yourself. In contrast to the rugged landscape, the Kimberley has abundant waterways, including numerous river systems. When you set off on one of our 8 day Kimberley cruise, one of the many sights you’ll experience is the picturesque Hunter River. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect when you explore this beautiful area of the Kimberley.

The Hunter River

The Hunter River is one of the scenic rivers in the region and is a must-see when you head off on a Kimberley cruise. The river was named by famous explorer Phillip Parker King in 1820 after the ship’s surgeon, James Hunter.
The entrance to the Hunter River is a striking sight with a spectacular rock formation towering over the water. The river boasts two truly spectacular waterfalls , Hunter Falls and Donkin Falls. Both are around 90 metres high and both have a deep pool at their base. It’s around an hour’s climb to reach the falls. For a peaceful stop on your Kimberley adventure, you can’t go past the Hunter River!
The Hunter River has a reputation as having one of the biggest populations of saltwater crocodiles so chances are you’ll spot one! As always in the Kimberley, take care when there are crocodiles around.

Prince Frederick Harbour

The Hunter River, and a number of other rivers and creeks, flow into Prince Fredrick Harbour, which eventually flows into the Indian Ocean. This pristine area consists of small islands, mangroves, monsoon rainforest and abundant wildlife. At high tide, the fish swim through the submerged mangrove trees and at low tide, the mud flats are exposed. When you visit Prince Fredrick Harbour, there are a number of activities you can expect such as fishing, mud crabbing, bird watching and generally taking in the surrounding beauty.

What to do on the Hunter River

The Hunter River offers so many activities which makes it the perfect stop-off for your Kimberley cruise. Drop a line in and try your luck with some fishing, head off on scenic excursions on tenders to explore the river, or sit back and watch the local wildlife.
When you choose an 8 day cruise with Ocean Dream Charters, you’ll truly be able to relax in luxury aboard our 80-foot twin-hull catamaran. Take in the beautiful scenery as our friendly, professional crew take care of your every need. Whether you want to try your hand at some fishing, explore the rugged landscape or simply sit back on the spacious deck, we have something to offer everyone.
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