Taking the time to connect with your family is so important but sometimes it can feel like our busy lives get in the way of quality time. Organising a family holidays is the perfect solution and when it comes to family getaways, you couldn’t find a more beautiful destination that the rugged Kimberley region. If you’re thinking of a family Kimberley holiday, we’ll be looking at some reasons why it could be just what you need – like you needed an excuse! kimberley_private_charters

The perfect family destination

Whether you’re planning to celebrate of special occasion or just need an excuse to reconnect, there are a number of reasons why the Kimberley is perfect for your next family holiday. A family holiday is all about creating memories and the experience of holidaying in the picturesque Kimberley area is something none of you will never forget. From witnessing the towering gorges to taking in the highlights such as the Horizontal Falls, remember to bring along your camera and you can capture all of the special moments so you can cherish them for years to come. With so much to think about in our day to day lives, it’s hard to really tune out. Well, you’ll have no choice but to relax and enjoy the company of your family thanks to the laid back atmosphere of the Kimberley. Switch off (easy to do when you have no Wi-Fi!) and enjoy quality time as you watch the beautiful sunsets, listen to the sounds of the animal life, and take in the beautiful scenery. There’s no doubt about it – the Kimberley region is full of adventure for the whole family and there are no shortages of new experiences to discover. Together, you can have a go at catching a barramundi, hike through the rugged landscape, visit ancient aboriginal rock art and cool off underneath pristine waterfalls.

Family private charter

For the ultimate Kimberley experience, you get the whole family together and arrange a private charter. This allows you to customise your itinerary for the perfect holiday. If you like a lot of activity, you can include a lot more hikes and adventures into your trip. If you prefer to sit back and relax, you can simply cruise the Kimberley in style and take in the sights. If you have children, a private charter is the perfect option – they are often precluded from scheduled cruises but are welcome aboard a private charter and you can ensure that the itinerary is full of kid friendly activities. For the perfect family holiday escape, Ocean Dream Charters offer scheduled cruises along with private charters for families looking for the ultimate Kimberley experience. Our luxury vessel features six ensuite staterooms which allows for plenty of room for the family. With our many lounging areas, six seater spa, equipment for activities and fishing gear provided, our cruises have something to offer for the entire family. To find out more about private charter Kimberley cruises 2018, contact Ocean Dream Charters today on 1300 944 727.

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