Whether you’re a first time visitor or are a return visitor to the area, the rugged landscape of the Kimberley truly takes your breath away each time with the ancient landscape featuring pristine waterfalls, abundant wildlife and rugged rocky terrain. One of the most impressive sights when you visit the Kimberley has got to be the towering gorges and one of the most famous is Windjana Gorge.

Stunning natural beauty

The striking Windjana Gorge has been carved into the landscape by the Lennard River and is part of the an ancient Devonian reef system which is over 375 million years old. The towering walls are between 30 and 100 metres high and the gorge runs for 3.5 km. During the wet season, the Lennard River surges through the gore making it completed inaccessible but the dry season reveals a series of smaller pools and allows for easy access. The gorge forms the most iconic part of the Windjana Gorge National Park which covers some 2,000 hectares. One of the easiest gorges to access, Windjana Gorge is a favourite amongst visitors to the area and you can complete a 7km return journey around the gorge relatively easily.

Meet the local wildlife

An array of wildlife makes Windjana Gorge their home and you’ll be able to check out the local residents during your visit, including a range of waterbird and a large group of corellas. If you time your visit just before sunset, you’ll be able to witness the spectacle of millions of fruit bats flying out of the gorge for their evening meal. The most famous and easy to spot animal in the area is the freshwater crocodiles who can be seen in various pools and sunning themselves during the day. Although considered relatively harmless, their teeth are still sharp and swimming isn’t recommended! You’ll also be able to see some marine life which has been fossilised into the walls of the gorge as the evidence of the ancient reef system.

A rich history

The Windjana Gorge is a place of cultural significance for the Unggumi and Bunuba people and it remains an important cultural sight. The gorge is also famous for being the hideout for Aboriginal leader Jandamarra who rose up against the European settlement during the late 1800s. He was eventually tracked down at Tunnel Creek in 1897 and killed in a shootout.
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