Unless you’ve been lucky enough to have visited the Kimberley region in the past, it’s difficult to visualise the sheer size and beauty of this untouched part of the world. From pristine beaches and towering waterfalls to rugged landscape and ancient Aboriginal rock art, there is so much to experience in this vast area. One of the most impressive features of the Kimberley are the range of awe-inspiring gorges on display.

Shaped by the water

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to gorges of the Kimberley due to the sheer number of these incredible natural structures featuring in the landscape. The gorges of the Kimberley have been slowly carved by water running through the relatively soft rock and many of the towering walls of the gorges contain evidence of the ancient barrier reef which once existed in the region. The gorges are also home to an incredible array of plant and animal life so make sure you have the camera at the ready when you visit. Access to the gorges are generally restricted during the wet season due to flooding and heavy rain which is why the dry season tends to be the optimal time to visit these natural wonders.

Famous Gorges of the Kimberley

Windjana Gorge

A number of the most famous gorges are found off the Gibb River Road and one of the most well-known is the Windjana Gorge which is an incredible, multicoloured 3.5km gorge with walls that rise as high as 100 metres. Cutting through Napier Range, this needs to be on your list of sights when you visit the Kimberley area. The Lennard River runs through the gorge during the wet season but during the dry season – when you’ll most likely be visiting – you can easily pay a visit as the waters recede and pools of water form. As for wildlife, freshwater crocodiles are a well-known sight in the gorge and congregate around the shrinking pools of water in the dry season. This gorge is perfect for exploring on foot and make sure you keep your eye out for fossilised marine life on show in the limestone walls!

Geikie Gorge

One of the most easily accessible gorges of the Kimberley, Geikie Gorge is a 30 metres high gorge located between the Oscar and Geikie ranges. This amazing gorge has been carved by the Fitzroy River and during the wet season, the swollen river can reach up to 16 metres high. The year in, year out rise and fall of the water has bleached the sides of the gorge white which gives this formation a unique look and makes for a perfect photograph. Like Windjana Gorge, freshwater crocodiles frequent the gorge along with an array of other wildlife.

Bell Gorge

Bell Gorge has the reputation as being the most beautiful gorge in the Kimberley area, although it’s actually very hard to decide which gorge is the most breathtaking. Located in the King Leopold Ranges, there’s no denying the natural beauty of Bell Gorge and when you visit at the right time of the year you can experience cascading waterfalls which tumble over the amber coloured rocks. Bell Gorge is perfect for swimming which makes it a favourite amongst tourists. If you want a bit of peace and quiet away from the main falls, there are still incredible sights and swimming opportunities in other parts of the gorge.

Explore the gorges by boat

The abundance of gorges in the Kimberley area means that not only can you access them by vehicle, you’ll also be able to experience their natural beauty when you choose to explore the region by boat. Viewing the gorges by boat gives an entirely different perspective as it offers unparalleled views of towering walls and rugged landscape – views you just can’t get from vehicle access alone. As you cruise along the rivers of the Kimberley aboard the comfort and luxury of your vessel, you’ll often find yourself dwarfed as you make your way through one of the many gorges in the region. From the cathedral-like gorges of the King George River to the pretty gorges on offer on the Mitchell River, you’ll be able to experience the unique landscape aboard your cruise. For an unforgettable experience, many cruises also offer you the opportunity to view the landscape of the Kimberley via helicopter.

Enjoy the sights with a Kimberley cruise

When it comes to experiencing the best of the Kimberley, you can be confident that your crew know the region well enough to be able to show you the highlights when you join your once in a lifetime cruise. When you visit the gorges of the area, you can get active by hiking the rugged landscape, swimming in freshwater pools and keeping an eye out for local animal life. If you’re a keen angler, you can also try your luck at choice fishing spots. Of course, you can always choose to simply sit back, relax and take in the sights – it’s completely up to you.
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