With so many sights on offer in the stunning Kimberley region, it’s difficult to narrow down your must-see list. Breathtaking gorges, pristine beaches and incredible wildlife are just some of the experiences you can expect on your Kimberley adventure. One of the highlights of any visit to the Kimberley region has to be Bigge Island which is famous for its incredible Aboriginal rock art. Today, we’ll be shining the spotlight on what makes Bigge Island so special.

Rugged, sandstone landscape

The second largest island in the Bonaparte Archipelago, Bigge Island can be found six kilometres from the mainland and was named by Captain Phillip Parker King in 1820. Separated from the mainland by Scott Strait, the rugged terrain is comprised of weathered, multicoloured sandstone and is surrounded by pristine blue water. The island is surrounded by a number of bays, the largest being Boomerang Bay. Although much of the island is made up of striking bare rock, deep fissures and valleys contain plant life which helps support the animals living on the island. The traditional Aboriginal owners of the area are the Uunguu people.

Aboriginal rock art

One of the main attractions on Bigge Island is the presence of both Gwion Gwion (also known as Bradshaw) and Wandjina rock art. Some of this incredible ancient Aboriginal art is estimated to be over 50,000 years old and is located in the coastal caves of the area. When you visit this art, it’s almost impossible to think that the beautiful images have survived so long and they give valuable insight into lives and culture of a different time. The rock art can be viewed on cliffs and cave walls with a number of sites located at Wary Bay. While some of the art is undoubtedly ancient, some is more recent as it clearly depicts sailing ships and men smoking pipes.

Diverse wildlife

Bigge Island features a unique array of wildlife with the northern quoll and Monjon rock wallaby and langnalya scaly tailed possum calling the island home. Due to its location, there is a lack of feral animals which has helped maintain the ecological balance on the island and has allowed wildlife to flourish. Amazingly, the beautiful rough-scaled python found on Bigge Island is considered to be one of the rarest snakes in the world.
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