When you embark on Kimberley coast cruises, you can expect breathtaking scenery as you take in the untouched wilderness and natural wonders of the area. One of the most amazing sights that every visitor to the area should experience is a trip to the Buccaneer Archipelago.
This truly untouched, rugged landscape makes for the experience of a lifetime and today we’ll be looking at what you can expect when you pay a visit to the Buccaneer Archipelago on your next cruise.
Buccaneer Archipelago

A remote, beautiful area

Located off the coast of Derby, the Buccaneer Archipelago consists of 800 to 1,000 rocky islands which are set amongst pristine beaches and turquoise water. The area was named after English buccaneer and privateer, William Dampier, and the beauty of the archipelago lies in the fact that even today it remains pristine, largely because of the difficult access.
The best way to access this isolated area is by boat which is why a cruise is the best option to experience what the Buccaneer Archipelago has to offer. With an experienced guide, you can discover secluded beaches, incredible rocky formations, ancient gorges and spectacular waterfalls.

Highlights in and around the Buccaneer Archipelago

  • Horizontal Falls – Located in Talbot Bay, the Horizontal Falls are a spectacular natural phenomenon where water passes horizontally between narrow gorges due to strong tidal currents. The strong build-up of water causes a waterfall effect and is a sight you’ll never forget.
  • Silica Beach – If you’re keen to find a beach that’s worthy of that new camera, you’ve come to right place when you visit Silica Beach. With its powder-soft, pristine white sand and clear, turquoise water, this beach is simply perfect. Take the time to relax on the sand and have a look around sandstone rocks for perfect photo opportunities.
  • Ruby Falls – The Ruby Falls are located near Red Cone Creek and is beautiful, secluded spot where you can stop and relax. Make sure you take the time to explore the rock formations and enjoy the swimming holes and natural waterfalls.
  • Sale River – A popular spot for visitors, the Sale River has many gorges and sandy beaches which are worth exploring. The mouth of the river is blocked during low tide and it’s a popular spot for keen anglers to try their luck.
  • Montgomery Reef – A sight you don’t want to miss is Montgomery Reef as is appears to rise from the ocean with the falling tide due to incredible tidal differences. Australia’s largest inshore reef, the area is home to abundant coral and marine life.

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