The Kimberley is famous for its rugged landscape and breathtaking views and much of the beauty of this untouched region comes from the array of plants and trees. The unique flora of the area is an important part of the diverse ecosystem with over 2,000 plant and tree species dotting the landscape, many of which are an essential food source for the animal life. Let’s take a closer look at some of the flora which shapes the landscape of the Kimberley.

A diverse range of plant life

From the numerous species of grass plants that make up the striking grasslands to the mangroves which have adapted to growing in tidal zones, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to diverse and beautiful plants. Many species are unique to the Kimberley area and have adapted perfectly to their environment. When you visit to region, you’ll quickly come to recognise the ancient livistonia palm and cycads, hardy eucalyptus, and red flowered Kurrajong trees which make up the landscape. If you’re a keen photographer, take the time to take some close up shots of the incredible details of the plant life.

Wildflower season

Although the striking plant life is on display in the Kimberley throughout the year, there’s an explosion of colour in wildflower season between July and September each year as the landscape is festooned with a blanket of flowers. From the wild hibiscus to vibrant grevilleas, make sure you bring out your camera to capture the colourful landscape if you’re lucky enough to visit the Kimberley when the wildflowers are in full bloom. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

Kakadu plum

One of the most interesting trees in the area is the Kakadu plum which is found in the North of Australia and is widely featured across the Kimberley region. The tree grows up to 10 metres in height and is tall and slender, with a wide canopy which bears small, olive sized fruit. The fruit from the Kakadu plum is very high in vitamin C and has traditionally been used as a form of food and medicine for thousands of years.
Boab trees
Unique to the Kimberley region, the boab tree is an iconic part of the landscape with its signature swollen base which extends out into spindly branches. During the wet season, the branches are laden with flowers and fruit while they remain strikingly bare during the dry season. The boab tree grows up to 15 metres and some of the trees in the area are thought to be up over 500 years old.
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