There’s a reason (quite a few actually) why the Kimberley tends to be at the top of the list when it comes to must-see destinations. There really is something for everyone in this stunning part of the world and a cruise is the perfect way to take it all in. If you’re considering Kimberley cruises in 2018, it’s truly an experience you’ll never forget.

1. The scenery

Nothing quite beats the Kimberley when it comes to stunning scenery. From the deep reds of the rugged landscape to the pristine blue of the ocean, the breathtaking beauty of the region is why many visitors can’t put their cameras down. On your Kimberley holiday, prepare yourself for massive waterfalls, towering gorges and white sandy beaches all in one glorious location

2. The history

With a region as ancient as the Kimberley, it’s no surprise that there is a rich history for you to discover. The Kimberley features an array of ancient Aboriginal rock art and you’ll learn more about the distinctive Wandjina and Bradshaw (Gwion Gwion) styles which is thought to be some of the oldest in the world. You’ll also be able to see evidence of early European exploration in the area with incredible historical sites such as the Mermaid Boab Tree.

3. The fishing

The Kimberley is one of the world’s most renowned fishing spots and keen anglers dream of landing some of the impressive sport fish in the area. From Threadfin Salmon and Mangrove Jack to the Mighty Barramundi and massive mud crabs, the region is a fishing paradise. Even if you’ve never tried your hand at fishing before, your Kimberley holiday is the perfect time to give it a try!

4. The animals

There’s no shortage of wildlife in the Kimberley so keep your camera at the ready! You’ll be able to see first-hand huge saltwater crocodiles, shy possums and wallabies, and the endangered bilby and bandicoot only to name a few. You’ll also get to know that colourful array of birdlife who make the area their home.

5. The sunset

Yes, the sunset truly deserves its own special mention. If you’ve never experienced a Kimberley sunset before then you’re in for a treat. Sit on the deck of your cruise vessel and watch as the sky transforms into varying shades of orange, yellow, red and purple. In the Kimberley, no two sunsets are the same.
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