When you embark on Kimberley adventure tours, you don’t need to worry about your camera going to waste. Even if you’ve visited the area many times, there’s never a shortage of photo opportunities as you explore the spectacular Kimberley area. The beautiful and rugged landscape is a photographer’s dream and today we’ll be sharing our tips for getting the most out of your photo opportunities. 8 day kimberley cruise

1. Don’t forget your accessories

The Kimberley landscape is known for its rugged beauty and although this makes it perfect for photo opportunities, it also means that you need to come prepared so your camera stays in good condition while you’re traipsing around the wilderness. Don’t forget a durable camera bag with a strap which is big enough to hold all your equipment. A tripod or monopod can also help you capture the scenery with a minimum of blurriness.

2. Capture the ‘golden hour’

There’s something truly magical about dawn and dusk, known as the ‘golden hour’ when you’re travelling around the Kimberley and this is the best time to pull out the camera. No two sunsets are ever the same and the light bouncing off the water as the sun rises can make for a truly spectacular shot. The Kimberley sun can be harsh but the soft glow of dawn and dusk provides less extreme contrast

3. Get a different perspective

Most people are in the habit of taking photos from eye level but when you’ve been given the chance to take photos in the stunning surrounds of the Kimberley, take advantage of this by changing things up a little bit. Take a few photos from different levels and you might be surprised at how different the photos turn out. Get up high, shoot from hip level or crouch down to get a new perspective.

4. Slow your shutter speed for water

With all the water on offer in the Kimberley – beaches, waterfalls, lakes and everything in between – capturing the movement of the water can leave you with an amazing photograph. If you want to really get a sense of this movement in your photos, experiment with slowing down your shutter speed.

5. Focus on the details

Although sweeping panoramic shots are amazing, also take the time to capture the small details of your trip. From a closeup of foliage and wildlife to images of footprints in the sand, these photos will bring your trip to life in years to come. If you have the memory space, consider shooting in the RAW format as these images store more information which means you can edit them more closely when you get home. At Ocean Dream Charters, we offer a unique perspective through Kimberley tours aboard our luxury vessel. Explore the Kimberley in style with our experienced crew while you sit back and enjoy turquoise water, pristine beaches and spectacular sunsets. We offer varying itineraries which can also be customised for a private charter. For Kimberley tours Australia, look no further than Ocean Dream Charters. We offer a choice of cruises where you can enjoy the Kimberley coastline, as well as other spectacular sights, from the space and comfort of our luxury vessel. Our itineraries can also be varied for the purposes of a private charter. To discover how we can turn your trip to the Kimberley into the adventure of a lifetime, contact Ocean Dream Charters today on 1300 944 727.

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